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5 Days in Tokyo

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This is my 5 Days in Tokyo Itinerary based on my own personal trips to Japan. The itinerary is made with Notion and includes suggestions for activities, hotel recommendations, and a travel budget.

You will be receiving the following:

  • 5 Days in Tokyo Itinerary made in Notion and filled with travel info by yours truly
  • Notion Itinerary Template for you to use and customize for future trips
  • Custom Google Maps for Tokyo with saved pins and locations

The itinerary was made using Notion a web-based application and can be accessed online either on a browser or through the Notion app, which is available on smartphones and PC/Macs. It's recommended to create a free Notion account to best make use of the itinerary (requires internet access).

How to use:

  1. Register and log in to your Notion account
  2. Click the provided link to the itinerary
  3. Find the "Duplicate" button on the top right menu and click it
  4. Congrats! You now have your own copy of the itinerary.

You will get a PDF (19KB) file

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